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2Pet. 3:15-18

8/16/12 V. 15, Because God is patient with us it means that more people will be saved. This is of supreme interest to God who loves each one so much that he is willing to allow the suffering to continue for us and for himself in order to save more.

Paul speaks of these things too, Peter notes.

V. 16, Paul’s letters contain difficult things to understand, which was something of a problem, because evidently even during Peter’s day Paul’s writings were considered inspired and people were using the difficult to understand passages to distort the scriptures just like they did with “other” scriptures. For this they would be punished.

V. 17, Because of this tendency of people to distort scriptures we must be on our guard so that we are not caught up in their errors. It could cause us to lose our salvation, which, at the moment is secure. Though our salvation is guaranteed it is possible to lose it if we decide to follow lawless people instead of God.

V. 18, Instead we must seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. To him be glory now and forever. Amen.

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2Pet. 3:11-14

8/15/12 V. 11, When we understand how the world will end and that we are living in these last days, now more than ever we must give thought to the way we live our lives before God. Lives pleasing to God are lives lived holy and godly.

V. 12, We are hurdling toward that day when God will judge the earth with fire. He will destroy everything, melting the elements with its heat. The Greek stoychia, which is the word for basic elements that make up the earth, is close to the word stoycheo which is to be figuratively drawn up into a line, but means the standard of one’s conduct. It’s almost a play on words. Paul speaks of each man’s works being tested by fire to see if it will hold up.

V. 13, We look forward to the fulfillment of God’s promise that he will create a new heaven and earth as a home where the values of his government of love and righteousness rule.

V. 14, Therefore, in this hope we make every effort to live lives pleasing to God. This isn’t legalistic, this is response to God’s grace in our lives. When the Spirit of God fills us we are transformed into his likeness and cleansed from our unrighteousness. We will make great efforts, by his grace, to be able to stand before him spotless, blameless, and at peace with God. Such things are worthy of our efforts considering that God has saved us from the destruction promised.

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2Pet. 3:8-10

2/14/12 V. 8, We must live in the constant realization that Jesus is coming soon. We may feel that he delays his coming, but he will come. God lives outside of time. For him a thousand years seems like just a day, but on the flip side, a day can seem like a thousand years. That sounds like for God that it could be that he is so anxious to be done with this terrible phase in his universe that each day that it drags on to him seem like a thousand years. To watch your children suffer when you could stop it is an incredibly painful thing that would make time slow to a crawl. How God must wish we would do our part so that he could return sooner.

V. 9, As for our part, we cannot think that God is being slow about keeping his promises. Our understanding of slowness is different than God’s. Instead of being slow he is being patient, wanting as many as possible to be saved by coming to repentance.

V. 10, But eventually time will run out and Jesus will come unexpectedly. The sky will be rolled back like a scroll with a roar, fire will destroy the earth, and the earth will be found. In other words, the stuff created and that humans have built up will be burned away and the earth will be rediscovered, the way that I discover my desk when I clean it off.

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2Pet. 3:1-7

8/13/12 V. 1, The first letter Peter wrote may or may not have been what we call 1 Peter. Surely Peter wrote more letters. Still, it could be the same two letters he’s referring to and the description would fit. He wrote the letters specifically for the purpose of stimulating his readers to wholesome thinking. In the Christian walk wholesome thinking is a major part of being transformed into the likeness of God.

V. 2, In this process of wholesome thinking we must fill our minds holy words of God through his prophets and Jesus himself. We must understand and follow his commands for us. This is what wholesome thinking consists of.

V. 3, We must also understand and be prepared for the scoffers of the last days. They will have no room for godliness. Godliness makes the godless feel their guilt. Sin cannot exist in the presence of holiness comfortably. These scoffers are intent on following their own selfish and evil desires.

V. 4, In an effort to laugh away our hope in God they will mock the fact that Jesus has not returned as he promised.  Life is status quo since creation.

V. 5, However, to say this they have to choose to ignore that it was God’s word that accomplished creation. The world was formed, says Peter, out of water and by water. I’m not exactly sure what that means. Some commentators take it to mean that water was the material out of which the earth was constructed. It seems unlikely to me, though, that Peter was making statements about the material of construction as much as showing that the materials used for the flood existed at creation.

V. 6, God had put in place from the beginning his means of judgment upon the human race at the flood. Just because the waters didn’t destroy the earth immediately didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen.

V. 7, The same goes for final judgment. All has been prepared now as well for final judgment. The same word that created the world and destroyed it the first time is holding the world in reserve for its final cleansing at the final judgment.

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2Pet. 2:17-22

8/12/12 V. 17, Continuing his rant concerning the wicked Peter describes them as springs or wells without water and clouds driven by a storm. In other words, they have no substance. Separation from God, which really is the “blackness of darkness” is their only future.

V. 18, Our words are supposed to be hope filled, life-giving words, but the words of the wicked are empty and arrogant. They even go after those who have come to a knowledge of God and have been converted and by appealing to their fallen nature, their lusts and desires, they entice them back into their old ways of life.

V. 19, They promise them freedom, which is the sadly ironic since they they themselves are slaves to their own depravity. As both John and Paul also state, we are slaves to anything that has mastered us. If we allow Christ to master us we are his slaves, but if we allow our sinful desires to master us we are slaves to sin.

V. 20, Those whom the wicked to manage to entice back into their sinful ways after having escaped from that slavery by coming to know Jesus Christ, then their condition is far worse than it was before.

V. 21, Before, at least, they may have been living in ignorance, but now they are living in rebellion. And that means that their punishment will be so much the greater, for to whom much is given much is required. To war against God out of ignorance is one thing, but to war against him in the full knowledge of what we’re doing is quite another thing.

V. 22, They are doing what the proverbs describe as a dog returning to his vomit and a washed pig returning to her mud.

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2Pet. 2:13-16

8/11/12 V. 13, The ways of wickedness will not be allowed to continue forever. They will be repaid by God for the wickedness and injury they have caused.

They are bold in their sinning, loving to act on their wickedness in full view of everyone. They don’t even have any reserve around God’s people. They continue right on with their sinful pleasures while interacting with the righteous.

V. 14, Their eyes are full of adultery, which likely means more than just physical adultery, but extends to OT symbolism of rebellion against God. They don’t know what it is to resist sin. They sin continuously and boldly, and seducing others who are morally lax to join them. Greed is their thing, selfishness is their only touchtone. They don’t know it but they live under the curse of God.

V. 15, The have deserted God’s way for them and spend their lives following their own greed as did Balaam. Though he claimed to be a prophet of God he couldn’t resist the allure of wealth, though it meant that he would have to sell his soul to wickedness.

V. 16, Balaam at least heard the rebuke of his donkey and at least somewhat reigned in his madness.

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2Pet. 2:10-12

8/10/12 V. 10, Of those reserved for punishment it is particularly true of those who indulge sinful and unclean ways and those who despise authority. It is expected that those indulging sinful and unclean ways would be singled out, however, evidently God classes those who despise authority along with them. Those who despise authorities like parents and civil authorities are also going to despise God’s authority. When someone despises authorities it is out of a motivation of self will and self government. It’s the ultimate in unsubmissive rebellion against anything that isn’t my will.

Such people are reckless and self-willed and don’t fear even “glories,” which probably refers to heavenly and spiritual things and beings.

V. 11, Yet even angels, stronger and more powerful than they, avoid accusing such wicked people before God. That the wicked presume to slander angels and other spiritual things is incredibly arrogant.

V. 12, The fact is they have no clue what they are blaspheming. They don’t recognize spiritual things. They think they are gods unto themselves, but in reality they are more like the lowest life forms, irrational animals living by instinct not reason. Their purpose in life is to be hunted and destroyed, which in fact will be their end. They will perish.

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