2Pet. 2:13-16

16 Apr

8/11/12 V. 13, The ways of wickedness will not be allowed to continue forever. They will be repaid by God for the wickedness and injury they have caused.

They are bold in their sinning, loving to act on their wickedness in full view of everyone. They don’t even have any reserve around God’s people. They continue right on with their sinful pleasures while interacting with the righteous.

V. 14, Their eyes are full of adultery, which likely means more than just physical adultery, but extends to OT symbolism of rebellion against God. They don’t know what it is to resist sin. They sin continuously and boldly, and seducing others who are morally lax to join them. Greed is their thing, selfishness is their only touchtone. They don’t know it but they live under the curse of God.

V. 15, The have deserted God’s way for them and spend their lives following their own greed as did Balaam. Though he claimed to be a prophet of God he couldn’t resist the allure of wealth, though it meant that he would have to sell his soul to wickedness.

V. 16, Balaam at least heard the rebuke of his donkey and at least somewhat reigned in his madness.

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