2Pet. 2:17-22

16 Apr

8/12/12 V. 17, Continuing his rant concerning the wicked Peter describes them as springs or wells without water and clouds driven by a storm. In other words, they have no substance. Separation from God, which really is the “blackness of darkness” is their only future.

V. 18, Our words are supposed to be hope filled, life-giving words, but the words of the wicked are empty and arrogant. They even go after those who have come to a knowledge of God and have been converted and by appealing to their fallen nature, their lusts and desires, they entice them back into their old ways of life.

V. 19, They promise them freedom, which is the sadly ironic since they they themselves are slaves to their own depravity. As both John and Paul also state, we are slaves to anything that has mastered us. If we allow Christ to master us we are his slaves, but if we allow our sinful desires to master us we are slaves to sin.

V. 20, Those whom the wicked to manage to entice back into their sinful ways after having escaped from that slavery by coming to know Jesus Christ, then their condition is far worse than it was before.

V. 21, Before, at least, they may have been living in ignorance, but now they are living in rebellion. And that means that their punishment will be so much the greater, for to whom much is given much is required. To war against God out of ignorance is one thing, but to war against him in the full knowledge of what we’re doing is quite another thing.

V. 22, They are doing what the proverbs describe as a dog returning to his vomit and a washed pig returning to her mud.

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