2Pet. 3:1-7

16 Apr

8/13/12 V. 1, The first letter Peter wrote may or may not have been what we call 1 Peter. Surely Peter wrote more letters. Still, it could be the same two letters he’s referring to and the description would fit. He wrote the letters specifically for the purpose of stimulating his readers to wholesome thinking. In the Christian walk wholesome thinking is a major part of being transformed into the likeness of God.

V. 2, In this process of wholesome thinking we must fill our minds holy words of God through his prophets and Jesus himself. We must understand and follow his commands for us. This is what wholesome thinking consists of.

V. 3, We must also understand and be prepared for the scoffers of the last days. They will have no room for godliness. Godliness makes the godless feel their guilt. Sin cannot exist in the presence of holiness comfortably. These scoffers are intent on following their own selfish and evil desires.

V. 4, In an effort to laugh away our hope in God they will mock the fact that Jesus has not returned as he promised.  Life is status quo since creation.

V. 5, However, to say this they have to choose to ignore that it was God’s word that accomplished creation. The world was formed, says Peter, out of water and by water. I’m not exactly sure what that means. Some commentators take it to mean that water was the material out of which the earth was constructed. It seems unlikely to me, though, that Peter was making statements about the material of construction as much as showing that the materials used for the flood existed at creation.

V. 6, God had put in place from the beginning his means of judgment upon the human race at the flood. Just because the waters didn’t destroy the earth immediately didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen.

V. 7, The same goes for final judgment. All has been prepared now as well for final judgment. The same word that created the world and destroyed it the first time is holding the world in reserve for its final cleansing at the final judgment.

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