2Pet. 3:11-14

16 Apr

8/15/12 V. 11, When we understand how the world will end and that we are living in these last days, now more than ever we must give thought to the way we live our lives before God. Lives pleasing to God are lives lived holy and godly.

V. 12, We are hurdling toward that day when God will judge the earth with fire. He will destroy everything, melting the elements with its heat. The Greek stoychia, which is the word for basic elements that make up the earth, is close to the word stoycheo which is to be figuratively drawn up into a line, but means the standard of one’s conduct. It’s almost a play on words. Paul speaks of each man’s works being tested by fire to see if it will hold up.

V. 13, We look forward to the fulfillment of God’s promise that he will create a new heaven and earth as a home where the values of his government of love and righteousness rule.

V. 14, Therefore, in this hope we make every effort to live lives pleasing to God. This isn’t legalistic, this is response to God’s grace in our lives. When the Spirit of God fills us we are transformed into his likeness and cleansed from our unrighteousness. We will make great efforts, by his grace, to be able to stand before him spotless, blameless, and at peace with God. Such things are worthy of our efforts considering that God has saved us from the destruction promised.

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