2Pet. 3:15-18

16 Apr

8/16/12 V. 15, Because God is patient with us it means that more people will be saved. This is of supreme interest to God who loves each one so much that he is willing to allow the suffering to continue for us and for himself in order to save more.

Paul speaks of these things too, Peter notes.

V. 16, Paul’s letters contain difficult things to understand, which was something of a problem, because evidently even during Peter’s day Paul’s writings were considered inspired and people were using the difficult to understand passages to distort the scriptures just like they did with “other” scriptures. For this they would be punished.

V. 17, Because of this tendency of people to distort scriptures we must be on our guard so that we are not caught up in their errors. It could cause us to lose our salvation, which, at the moment is secure. Though our salvation is guaranteed it is possible to lose it if we decide to follow lawless people instead of God.

V. 18, Instead we must seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. To him be glory now and forever. Amen.

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