2Pet. 3:8-10

16 Apr

2/14/12 V. 8, We must live in the constant realization that Jesus is coming soon. We may feel that he delays his coming, but he will come. God lives outside of time. For him a thousand years seems like just a day, but on the flip side, a day can seem like a thousand years. That sounds like for God that it could be that he is so anxious to be done with this terrible phase in his universe that each day that it drags on to him seem like a thousand years. To watch your children suffer when you could stop it is an incredibly painful thing that would make time slow to a crawl. How God must wish we would do our part so that he could return sooner.

V. 9, As for our part, we cannot think that God is being slow about keeping his promises. Our understanding of slowness is different than God’s. Instead of being slow he is being patient, wanting as many as possible to be saved by coming to repentance.

V. 10, But eventually time will run out and Jesus will come unexpectedly. The sky will be rolled back like a scroll with a roar, fire will destroy the earth, and the earth will be found. In other words, the stuff created and that humans have built up will be burned away and the earth will be rediscovered, the way that I discover my desk when I clean it off.

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